My interest in Zentangle (R) started when I was looking at adult colouring books and decided I'd rather draw the pictures. My husband bought me a book about Zentangle inspired art for Christmas and my latest interest was born.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

An anxious cat

Hi all, hope you are all having a good week. Things have been less busy for me and I've also deliberately taken the pressure off myself with keeping up with challenges and travelling tangles. Getting myself stressed over it like I did last week is not very zen lol.

I feel like I've rediscovered my mojo somewhat thank goodness. I had a lovely relaxing time doing both the diva and joey challenges this week, in fact my diva tile this week is actually much more suited to last week's challenge in terms of my attitude when drawing it. I've also had a lovely morning tangling today. We are midway through a "super storm" forecast to be one of the worst in 50 years. I'm not sure it's delivered what was promised, at least not locally (thank goodness) but it did successfully black the whole state out for a few hours last night.

As a result we have a highly anxious cat. He hates thunderstorms and is going to be exhausted tomorrow because he just can't settle. He woke my son up at 4am trying to have a cat fight through his locked cat flap door. We assume there was another cat in the back yard lol. I did manage to get him to settle on my dressing gown for a couple of hours this morning, but there must be another system on the way in because he's agitated again now.

Made by Joey #132

Here is my tile / page for this week's finish my tangle challenge. I've taken a before and after shading shot, amazing the difference it makes. I invested in Eni Oken's ebook on layering this week and am trying to use some of her suggestions. Click on the heading to see what others have done.

Diva challenge #286

The Diva challenge was just to use straight lines, so I used Ing, a tangle from a previous challenge that I previously disliked and now love, with the relaxed mindset I wanted to achieve last week and drew this:

Again you can click on the heading to see other lovely work.

Travelling Tangles

If you want to see some more tiles I started that have been completed by another tangler, pop over and visit Anita at One Stroke at a Time. She did a lovely job of finishing the tile starts I sent her. I especially love the autumn one because she has finished it completely differently to how I would do it.

I also posted some lovely examples of finishing zen gem tiles in my blog last week. If you missed it, you can catch up by visiting here. Again, a couple of tiles finished in ways I would not have thought of and I love them. 

That's all for now, thanks for dropping by, and for all the lovely comments. I appreciate every one!


  1. Wow, that ING is gorgeous!!! Poor cat....

  2. Beautiful work!!! My favorite is your ING with the wonderful color!

  3. Both results are wonderful.
    Beautiful connections on the first tile and very nice variations on ING on the second tile.
    I also saw your T.T. and I really love them.
    Keep on tangling Sue!!!

  4. Love the Ing and your addition of the lovely colors. So sorry the cat is having a rough time.

  5. Beautiful Ing! The color is just enough! Also lovely tiles for Joey!

  6. Love your Ing! Poor kitty. I have both a dog and a cat that get terribly upset when it storms. Thankfully, in the desert of Arizona, that doesn't happen every day.

  7. Beautiful ING with wonderful shading and color! I am glad that you were able to relax. All your tiles are lovely. So sorry about Toby. I have two dogs and they are petrified in storms and they always let me know when a storm is about to begin.

  8. I adore your ING-tile! The composition is so strong!
    It's nice to see the shading difference in your Joey tile, it makes such a difference.
    Poor cat... Take care with the storm!

  9. I love all the tiles, specially those for Joey's challenge.

  10. Congrats on sticking with ING. I've given up on that one. I like your before and after photos showing the effectiveness of shading, and I like the tiles themselves. Best of luck with the storms.

  11. I think what helped me was reading a hint to turn the tile so your ing is vertical then draw a line from each zigzag point to the midpoint of the line below, working from top to bottom. Then turn your tile 180 degrees and repeat. Then it made sense.

  12. Beautiful tiles and tangles! The ING for the diva challenge is stunnING:)

  13. Wauwwwww, great ING and lovely colors.

  14. Absolutely beautiful tile with ING! Very elegant!

  15. I really like your tiles for Joey! They are so "floating" :-) And I love the diva-tile with these wonderful variations of Ing - very nice!

  16. Lovely tiles! And your poor cat.


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